2022 Exhibition Dates

TEFAF, Maastricht. 24th – 30th June
Masterpiece, London. 30th June – 6th July
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Carving in time

13 October – 12 November 2021
Tomasso Gallery, London

A curated exhibition of works by Emily Young alongside sculpture from the Classical to the Neoclassical…
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Linfa Festival di Arte Natura e Scienza

8th -11th July 2021
Cinigiano, Italy

Photographed, Edited & Directed by Linfa Festival, Curated by PalomArt, Supported by Fondazione Bertarelli.

Interview: EARTH DAY 2021

Interview on Rai Italian television #OnePeopleOnePlanet

Emily Young on the BBC: Stone carver and environmental artist

Over the course of 4 months In the Studio follows Emily Young as she turns a 3 and a half tonne block of stone into her latest work of art.
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Interview: through the eyes of the maker

Emily Young discusses the hidden life within the stones she selects to work with, revealing the two-way relationship between artist and material.